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Before you hire a web agency: The most important considerations

Before you hire a web agency: The most important considerations

At Obtino , we understand how crucial it is to take the right steps before choosing a web design and web development agency for your WordPress or WooCommerce website. Choosing the right agency can have a huge impact on your online presence and business results. In this post, we’re going to explore some key considerations you should keep in mind before making a decision.

1. Goals and target group

First of all, you need to define your goals and your target audience. What do you want to achieve with your website? Who are your ideal visitors and customers? Having clear goals and an understanding of your target audience will help the agency create a solution that suits your needs.

2. Budget

Your budget is a significant factor in choosing a web design and web development agency. Examine what is realistic in relation to your goals and requirements. Be aware that investing in a professional website often yields a positive return.

3. Portfolio & erfaring

Look at the agency’s previous work and portfolio. Do they have experience working with similar companies or industries? A solid and varied portfolio is a good indication of their skills and expertise.

4. References & recommendations

Ask for references and read reviews from previous customers. This can give you insight into how the agency works and their ability to deliver results.

5. Technical expertise

Make sure your agency has the technical expertise required to implement the features and solutions you need. This includes experience with WordPress and WooCommerce, as these platforms require special knowledge.

6. Support and maintenance

Consider what kind of support and maintenance the agency offers after launching your site. Regular updating and maintenance are essential to keep your website secure and functioning.

7. Communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are key components of successful collaboration with a web design and web development agency. Make sure you have good chemistry and open communication with the agency.

8. SEO-friendliness and optimization

Ask the agency about their approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and how they will help you improve your visibility in search results. This is crucial for attracting traffic and potential customers.

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