Urban Cph - Leading jewellery webshop in Denmark


Urban Cph is a leading jewellery webshop in Denmark that has established itself as a destination for modern and style-conscious customers. With a unique selection of jewelry and a dedication to quality and style, Urban Cph has achieved a prominent position in the market. In partnership with Urban Cph, Obtino has completed a comprehensive digital transformation with the aim of improving the user experience and strengthening their position as one of the leading jewellery webshops in the country.

Unique jewellery assortment:

Urban Cph offers a wide range of modern and stylish jewelry that appeals to different taste preferences and styles. Their range includes everything from classic and timeless designs to trendy and exclusive jewelry. With a focus on quality and aesthetics, Urban Cph has created a unique identity in the market and attracted a dedicated customer base.
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Our primary goal at Obtino has been to create a webshop that not only presents the jewellery in an appealing way, but also makes it easy for customers to find, choose and buy their favourite jewellery. We have developed a user-friendly design that guides customers smoothly through the buying process and highlights Urban Cph’s unique range. This approach has resulted in an improvement in the user experience and an increase in the number of returning customers.

Strong visual identity

Urban Cph wanted to differentiate itself from the competition by establishing a strong visual identity. We have therefore worked to create a visual design that reflects the company’s values and products. The visual design has been carefully adapted to create recognizability and attract the attention of the target audience. By strengthening their branding, we have helped to increase Urban Cph’s visibility and attract new customers to their platform.


In partnership with Urban Cph, we have achieved impressive results by improving their online presence and strengthening their position as one of the leading jewellery webshops in Denmark. By focusing on user-friendliness, optimized shopping experience, and strong branding, we have achieved a noticeable improvement in their digital platform. This case illustrates our ability to deliver tailored digital solutions that generate tangible value for our customers and strengthen their competitiveness in the market.

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