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Spilforsyningen, a board game store with roots in Aalborg’s gaming environment, opened its doors for the first time in August 2017 with a vision to be a foundation for the local gaming environment. With a passion for Magic and Warhammer games, Spilforsyningen has created a gaming room where local players can meet and participate in gaming activities. At Obtino, we have worked on developing a visually appealing webshop for Spilforsyningen, while at the same time focusing on ease of use, speed optimization and conversion optimization. Our goal has been to create an online platform that not only presents Spilforsyningen’s products in an attractive way, but also drives sales and increases customer satisfaction.

Board games and gaming rooms:

The game supply is dedicated to offering local players a wide selection of board games and game accessories. At the same time, they have a unique gaming room that functions as a meeting point for gambling enthusiasts in Aalborg. The retail space is designed to allow players to meet and enjoy their favorite games in a social environment.In order to meet the increasing demand for their products and services, we at Obtino have worked closely with Spilforsyningen to optimize their webshop. Our goal has been to create a platform that not only inspires customers, but also guides them smoothly through the purchase process.
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Visually appealing design:

From the start of our collaboration with Spilforsyningen, we have prioritized creating a webshop that reflects the company’s unique identity and attracts customers interested in gaming. We have integrated visually appealing images and user-friendly features that give customers an inspiring shopping experience and easy access to the products.At the same time, we have implemented speed optimization techniques to ensure that the webshop loads quickly and smoothly, which is essential for reducing the bounce rate and improving the customer experience.The game supply wanted a webshop that not only presents their products, but also reflects their commitment to the local gaming environment. That is why we at Obtino have focused on creating a strong visual identity that emphasizes the company’s values ​​and products. The visual design is carefully adapted to create recognition and attract customers interested in gaming.


In collaboration with Spilforsyningen, we have worked to optimize their webshop with a focus on visually appealing design, ease of use and speed optimization. The result is an inspiring online platform that not only presents Spilforsyningen’s products in an attractive way, but also increases the conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

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