Gel Fun - Leading gel blast retailer in Scandinavia


Gel Fun has cemented itself as the ultimate destination for Gel Blast enthusiasts in Scandinavia. With an exceptional range and dedication to quality, they have achieved a prominent position in the market. In partnership with Gel Fun, Obtino has completed a comprehensive digital transformation with the aim of improving the user experience and strengthening their position as a leading Gel Blast reseller.

Unikt gel blast assortment:

Gel Fun offers a wide range of Gel Blast products that appeal to all levels of enthusiasts. Their range includes everything from high-end blasters to accessories and spare parts. With a passion for quality and innovation, Gel Fun has established itself as the preferred destination for Gel Blast enthusiasts throughout Scandinavia.
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User-friendly design & optimized shopping experience:

Our focus at Obtino has been to create a webshop that not only presents the products attractively, but also makes it easy for customers to navigate and make purchases. We have developed a user-friendly design that guides customers smoothly through the buying process. This approach has resulted in a noticeable improvement in user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Strong visual identity & branding:

To stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce, Gel Fun has wanted to establish a strong visual identity. We have therefore worked to create a visual design that reflects the company’s values and products. The visual design is carefully adapted to create recognizability and attract the attention of the target audience.


In partnership with Gel Fun, we have worked on optimizing their webshop with a focus on user-friendliness and strengthening their visual identity. The result is an enhanced online platform that not only offers a unique range of Gel Blast products, but also provides customers with a seamless and efficient buying experience. This case illustrates our ability to deliver tailored digital solutions that generate tangible value for our customers.

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