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Obtino has had the privilege of working with AgeLab, a Nordic distributor of the highest quality NAD, metabolism, antioxidants and health products. We have dedicated our expertise to improving their online presence, with a focus on ease of use, speed optimization, and conversion optimization. Our goal has been to support AgeLab in their mission to be a leading partner on the journey towards a new biological age and improved health for their customers across the Nordic region.

On the journey towards a new biological age

AgeLab understands the importance of offering products that can support customers on their journey towards improved biological age and overall health. Their range of NAD, metabolism and antioxidant products have been carefully selected to meet the needs of an ever-growing customer base who are searching for innovative solutions to improve their quality of life.

We at Obtino have been proud to be part of AgeLab’s journey by focusing on optimizing their webshop. Our efforts have been aimed at ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for customers as they explore and purchase products that support their health goals.
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User-friendly design & efficient shopping experience:

From the start of our partnership, we have had an eye on creating a webshop that not only presents AgeLab’s products, but also guides customers through their buying journey in an intuitive way. We have implemented a user-friendly design that makes it easy for customers to navigate, explore the products, and make purchases. This has resulted in an improved conversion rate and a stronger connection between AgeLab and their customers. AgeLab wanted to differentiate itself from the competition by offering not only products, but also a holistic experience that supports customers on their health journey. That’s why we at Obtino have focused on creating a visual identity that reflects the company’s values and vision. The visual design has been carefully adapted to create recognizability and trust among AgeLab’s customers.


In collaboration with AgeLab, we at Obtino have been dedicated to optimizing their webshop with a focus on user-friendliness, speed optimization and conversion optimization. The result is an improved online platform that not only offers high-quality products, but also creates a meaningful experience for customers on their journey towards improved biological age and health.

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